HEB coupon trip 8/6/2011--New Savings Record $110

So I beat my record save of $107!  My new personal best is $110 total.

I purchased items such as tooth whitening kit, razors, axe body wash, clearasil, qtips, advil PM, tylenol precise cream, flintstone vitamins, contact solution, $30 gas card (HEB is doing 11 cents off per gallon with in store card purchase), chicken breast halves, 16 yoplait yogurts, gogurt, goldfish, fiber one bars, school glue, pencils, crayons, fresh fruit, cereal, juice, weight watchers yogurt, smart ones, corn dogs, chips, dip soda, toaster streudels, bagelfuls, dole fruit crisps, totinos pizzas, pizza bites, herbal essence conditioner, magic erasers, carpet fresh and many, many more.

stocked up!

My total number of items purchased was 146.
Some of my favorite deals were:

Free herbal essence product from mail in request
Free in store samples of Garnie (sp??) with $1 coupon included
Clearasil 255 off in addition to $1 off coupon
Whitening tooth strips for $10 after stacking $10 off and $5 off in store
free ziplock sandwich bags with purchase of gallon size bag plus a $1 off gallon bag
20 cent HEB brand school glue
$2 off venus disposable razors plus a BOGO coupon for buy the razor get shaving gel free

$1 off Axe body wash plus BOGO free
Overall it was a very good trip!

Teacher gift

We did spent ALOT this time ($322) but I got tons of 'stock' items.  Such as body washes, shampoos, conditioners, razors, sandwich bags etc plus items to make a cute "Meet The Teacher" gift for Reese's Kindergarten teacher!
The final breakdown:
Store Brand Savings: $12.03
On Sale savings: $10.41
Free/Coupon Savings: $88.07
for a grand total of: $110.46


In addition to the great shopping trip I also came across a great money saving product.  A few weeks back I attended a Laundry detergent making class and a lady there talked about putting tennis balls in your dryer to help aerate the clothes while drying to decrease drying time.  Every ones concern was the noise 2-3 tennis balls in the dryer would make--Here is a pic of the in-store solution I found.  What a great idea!

Items purchased this trip
Now I will warn everyone that I ran into to possible problems with checkout.  My cashier told me that they have had increasing amounts of coupon fraud.  Apparently there are people out there faking printed coupons from redplum and smartsource.  Not sure how they are going about that but the cashier told me that her supervisors have told them to no longer manually enter printed coupons that the system wont scan.  I have a real issue with this.  They system is and always has been wonky.  I do not fraud the stores-- and I always have coupons they system won't pick up on. My cashier still did it for me today.  I had such a large number of coupons that a manager had to come over and authorize the purchase before we could cash out.  She was gruff and stern and said to the clerk, very agitatedly, "you didn't manually enter any of these did you?".  The clerk had but said no.  If she would have been honest, I was ready for coupon war.  They policy is to accept printed coupons and mine are legit.  FYI:  Next time I go I am going with a printed coupon policy just in case I run into issues,  I hate it that a few bad apples ruin it for us honest couponers.  Just be warned and alert to the possible problem.

Happy saving and JOYOUS couponing!


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