8-18-2011 First Epidural steroid shot

So it is done.  At 930 this morning I received my first epidural steroid shot.  It wasn't all that painful at the time, but I must say that it is aching now and hurts to press my chin to my chest or to look down.
I was called back to the procedure room and asked to lay face down on an xray table with my chin tucked to my chest and my palms under my hips as close to my toes as I could get them.  This position pulled the shoulders down and arched the back of my neck to increase the cartilage space between vertebrae--to get the needle in easier. 
I was prepped with cleaners, draped and injected with a topical pain killer.  As the doctor progressed the epidural needle more pain killer was added as needed.  I could feel pressure and occasionally I could feel and hear the needle pass through the different layers of tissue.
The doctor chose to us 80mg instead of 40 on me.  He didn't really explain why but I will happily accept more meds if it means relief.
Before I knew it he said that the needle was out and that I was all finished.
I was told to expect releif in 2-3 days and that the meds can last up to 2 months.
And then the funniest thing happened.  If you know me closely enough I am sure that I have shared "the hump" with you.  It isnt my favorite feature but at its sight friends usually have a better understanding of my constant pain level---it is nasty.
Well the doctor left the room and the nurses helped me sit up on the xray table.  The one behind me laid her hand on my neck and said, Oh my goodness you are swollen!  I could tell by her tone and haste that she was truly very concerned.  I laughed and told her yes, it is ALWAYS swollen.  She sighed a huge sigh of relief and said I was afraid you were having a reaction.  I reasssured her that I wasnt and informed her that I lovingly call it my hump. 
When people see it they are very often with out words--as she was.
The hump remains...
Jason's work insurance starts covering a new deep tissue repair treatment called Airrosti in October.  I plan on trying it--there is only a $10 copay for us and the program makes some pretty remarkable claims.  Hopefully my injection will last til then and then I can just use Arirrosti after that.
I will let everyone know in the next few days if this shot has helped.


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