Impromptu Dollar General coupon trip 7/4/2011

So the kids were CRAZY and I needed dishwasher detergent and a BREAK so I grabbed my coupon binder and headed to the local Dollar general in China Spring. I found some pretty good deals. Check em out!
Cocoa puffs on sale for $2 a box.  With 75 cent off coupon I paid $1.25 for the box!  WHOO HOO!
Hamburger helper on sale for $1 a box and I had a coupon for 80 cents off 4 boxes. I bought 4 and paid a final price of 80 cents for each box. Pretty good!
They also had their speedstick deodorant on sale for $2 both men's and women's (regular $2.25) plus a smaller speedstick at regular price for $1.75. I had 50 cent off coupons for all 3. I paid $1.50 for 2 and $1.25 for the other. Not the best deal in the world but still happy with it.
Another good find was that they have their clearasil produts on sale for $1 off the normal $4.50 plus there is a mfg coupon for $1 off. I paid $2.50 for some skin care! Liked that deal quite a bit.

Oh, and OF COURSE 25 cent colgate.

And last but not least, Dollar General has their Tresemme products on sale for $3--they are usually $3.50. Also there is a $1 off mfg coupon floating around out there. I had 2 mfg coupons. One for conditioner and one for styling product. As I was choosing my conditioning product a lady came up shopping for a styling item. I handed her my styling coupon since I had no plan to buy. She thanked me and then asked to look at my binder. She coupons as well and had not yet seen the almighty "COUPON BINDER". I showed her the bare bones basics and gave her my card to find this blog. She knew about the FAMOUS Krazy Coupon Lady!

I just LOVE inspiring others to coupon. It is just no-nonsense common sense. The desire to save is in ALL of us!

Happy couponing!!!


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