God's Plan--even covers car accidents

I had been complaining all day!  I had to pick Reese up from school today at 3:15. The line at the elementary gets insanely crazy long if you wait til pick-up time.  So I usually get there at about 2:50 each day.  I had been complaining all day, because I had Jason's big ole '92 maroon chevy silverado with no AC.  He took the explorer into town for work because out of the two vehicles it gets the better gas mileage.  I sooooo did not want to wait 25 minutes in that loooooong line with no AC and no breeze---but I had to do what I had to do.
Little did I realize that God had a plan for me today--and His plan involved that oven of a truck.
We moved Reese's booster seat to the front of the truck for drop off and pick-up from school.  The truck is a 2-door and it just seemed too much of a hassle to try to get her into and out of the back each day.
Today at pick up I hastily buckled her in and we headed on our way home.  I was excited--I had made them a super-cute after school snack out of bananas, peanut butter, jelly, fruit snacks and jelly.  I had it all set out on the table just waiting for her to come home.
We made it all the way to Tree Lake.  I am a cautious driver and very aware that China Spring Highway at school-time is CRAZZZZZZZZY!!!  I started breaking at the Wyers house (about 100 yards) before my turn onto Tree Lake, to ensure that the driver behind me would be aware that I was slowing and turning.  I signaled for my left turn and had to wait---there was an on-coming vehicle and I could not yet make my turn.  My truck came to a stop. 
The car behind me passed on the right hand shoulder and then I heard it.  SSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!
It was bone-chilling.
The car now behind me was hitting their brakes hard, and they seemed to have locked up.  I knew it was coming.  I knew what was going to happen.  I braced.  I took my foot off of my brake and WHAM!
We were rear-ended by a silver honda accord that managed to slow to about 45 mph before impact.  The truck lunged.  I could see my Reese whip forward and then there was silence.
You know the kind.  That eerie sound of nothing right after something traumatic happens that your brain just can't quite wrap itself around. 
I knew I needed to get out of the road.  I pulled the truck onto the shoulder and off onto a drive.  My girls were both crying and oh so scared.  I was scared too.  I managed to get my wits about me and dial 911.  As I waited for a connect I saw the crumpled mess of a car that rear-ended me pull off to the right onto Tree Lake.  I was surprised it was even moving.  It was a hot mess.  Literally. 
As I got off the phone with 911 and began calling Jason I noticed movement in the other car.  It was filling up with smoke!!!  Several passers by stopped to assist the other car.  They managed to get the 2 people out--a grandmother and grandson--and cut the ignition.
I got Jason on the  line and told him we were OK but that we had been in an accident.  Reese was complaining about her neck at this point.  I asked him to come.  He was stranded.  He was at another building without his vehicle--he had ridden with a co-worker.  He said he couldn't come--I could tell he was distressed.
I called Carol next.  I knew I was shook up and needed some support--if Jason couldn't come, I knew Carol would.
In the meantime I get the girls unbuckled and try to calm them down.  Fire and rescue arrive and check us out.  We are OK.  Reese says her neck doesn't hurt anymore. 
The policewoman arrives and takes our account of what happened, gets insurance info and then goes to talk to the others involved.  Jason, Robert and Carol all arrive within seconds of each other--too funny!
I think the grandson from the other vehicle ended up going to the hospital--he was pretty shook up.  Their car was bad!
This is where God protected us today.  If we had been in my air conditioned ford explorer yes I would have been more comfortable waiting to pick up Reese but there also would have been MUCH more damage to our vehicle and possibly us. 
The Silverado is a HAAS of a truck.  It had a REESE towing package.  That is what absorbed most of the impact. The truck doesn't look so bad from a distance but upon further inspection it is eerie.  That heavy gauge metal is crumpled like an aluminum can.  So scary to think of the force required to cause that damage.
But THANK GOD for big old pickup trucks!!!!

He was watching out for us today--there is INDEED a PLAN!!


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