Green Smoothie/juice fast Evening of day 4

Not gonna lie.  It has been a hard day.  I want to eat everything, even the mediocre corn dogs the kids had this evening.  I had juice for breakfast and lunch and then a smoothie for dinner.  I think that I am favoring the juice.  The smoothies just seem to have too much pulp for my liking.
Went to church today and crashed when I came home.  I seriously napped for 4 hours.  I am ready for the fatigue to lift.  When is it supposed to lift?  As I sat down this evening to my smoothie I told my hubby that I didnt know if I could do 30 days. 
I am not really struggling with the physical pangs of hunger but I am struggling with emotionally wanting to just EAT!  I like food.  I like to, I LOVE to eat.  I guess that is how I got to be a whopping 300 lbs.
Asking for your prayers...


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