Airrosti...there are no words (OK there are a few)

Today was my release  appointment from Dr. Hill, my airrosti provider.  I cannot effectively put into words the relieff I feel from having gone through this treatment program.  I have spent YEARS (you can read the prior blog post entitled Day 7: End of fast and Airrosti for the background on that) suffering in pain and only finding doctors who wanted to either medicate me, electrocute me, or stick a huge needle into my spinal column.  I had five 1-hour Airrosti sessions and I now know the cause of my pain, how to retrain my body to stop creating the pain, and where to go if the pain returns--no narcotics necessary.
Upon first visiting Dr. Hill I was amazed at the force he had to use to straighten out my fascia and relax my muscles.  It was intense!!!  I used to poke fun at my husband because he REFUSED to rub my neck, sometimes even if I were in tears, because he said it hurt his hands.  I just thought he was being a big baby.  But then I got to truly experience what it took to do the job right.  I am not sure how Airrosti providers do it all day, but they do.  Dr. Hill even showed me a callous on his thumb after me telling him the story about Jason.  Is there Airrosti for Airrosti provider's hands?  Seriously...I couldn't do it all day.
But back to the story.  The issue is resolved.  I know my exercises and will continue to do them.  I have a follow up in a month to check my progress and I can return for 'touch up' visits if the pain breaks back through.  Basically, I am a teeth clincher and I carry my stress in my shoulders.  The worst damage was on the side of my neck that draws up when I carry my kids on that hip (left side), and it was so very bad just because it went so long untreated--or poorly treated I should say.
During the exercise portion of the visits the lady had been using what they call "The Stick" to help loosen up the tender areas the doctor worked on that day.  I decided to aide Jason's poor lil hands and purchased the stick upon my release today.  It was a whopping $40--money well spent if you ask me.  Consider this...In the years that I have been searching for answers to my neck I have
seen the GP 4 times: $100 copay
seen a neurosurgeon twice: $80 copay
had 2 MRIs: for combined cost of $342 coinsurance after twice meeting a $500 deductible
took 3 years worth of muscle relaxers
and had 1 spinal cortisone injection $145 coinsurance
used 3 years worth of muscle rub
and spent nights in agony....
That is a monetary out of pocket total of $667!!  That is NOT the amount billed to insurance--just the amount that we had to pay after insurance.
In total for Airrosti I had 5 visits at $10 per visit plus my whopping $40 purchase of "The Stick".  When all is said and done I am pain free and have a management plan for a low price of only $90!  $90!!!

I am one very happy customer and I will SING Airrosti's praises to anyone who will listen!  Even if Jason's insurance didn't have the special $10 copay set up I would have only been out of pocket $240 at the $40 specialty copay.  Comeon people--Just do it! And I don't mean Nike...I mean AIRROSTI!!


Unknown said…
Good to read about your relief! If the insurance doesnt include airrosti type services, do you happen to know the cost per session? I need to fix my knee for running.

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