Fast begins tomorrow---surpise from hubby

So my fast begins tomorrow morning.  Jason went grocery shopping tonight to get all my fruits, veggies etc and got me a great suprise. 

We were unpacking all the goods and Jason kept acting weird.  He kept laughing at me.  I thought he was making fun of me for doing the juice fast/smoothie fast because of the Jim Carey In Living Color Skit  that he showed me the other day.

So I made a big deal about him not making fun of me.  I wanted him to tell me why he kept laughing and the he asked me where my blender I had set out on the counter had came from.  I was sooo confused.  He unplugged my blender and started to put it up.  I was freaking out.  I had no clue what he was doing and then I looked down!  All along I had been standing next too, touching and evening at times moving the box of a brand new juicer!!!!!  So he WAS making fun of me all along but not for wanting to do this fast--because I am a big fat doof!!  I love my man!


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