Airriosti visit 2/Juice fast day 6

Good energy today.  Feeling good about my decision to make it a 10day fast.  Thirty days is just not feasible for me as this time.  I plan to eat healthy for 1-2 weeks and may be revisit a longer juice fast depending on how I feel.  It is doing good so far though--I just miss chewing!
I had my 2nd airriosti visit today.  OUCH!  Airiosti is a intense form of deep muscle manipulation that focuses on the fascia surrounding the muscles.  I have had severe neck pain for 5+ years.  I have bulging discs and twisted vertebra--I was told that these were the source of my pain.  WRONG!  Countless muscle relaxers, a neurosurgeon and one epidural cortisone shot later I found myself here, at Airriosti.  I am so very thankful that I ended up here.
I wont lie to you, it HURTS.  I get nauseous and have almost fainted.  I am terribly sore the day after even when I follow orders and ice, but the pain is diminishing.  I can fall asleep at night without a heating pad or some crazy construction of pillows to support my ailing neck in just the right manner.  IT IS WORKING!  No surgery....nothing invasive and I have hope.  I have hope that it will be healed!  So far I am loving airriosti!!!


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