Weight watchers day 2

Working on day 2 of weight watchers.  WW definately has faaaaar more freedom in food options than HCG.  While I still believe there is a place for the HCG diet, it was not a long-term sustainable diet for me.  If you are looking for a big quick loss that lasts for a short time (reunion, wedding etc) then this diet is doable...but long term loss FORGET ABOUT IT.  At least for me.  I like my breads, fruits and veggies too much! Fruits and many veggies are FREE foods with WW.  Right up my alley. 
Another good thing about this change in diet for me--the hubs is doing it with me.  It is always easier to stick to something with a little help of loved-ones. We both would like to lose 100 lbs for our 10 year vow renewal in May of next year.
I am excited about the weekly flex point and the fact that if I want an icecream sandwich that I dont have to feel like a failure--I just have to count the points!  YAY for that! Any diet that lets me eat a cookie every now and then is my friend.
I will update at least weekly with loss and activity levels.
Ready for change!!!


Steph Howell said…
Hey Rachael,
I just started the plan as well. I used it a few years ago and lost about 20lbs and have been able to keep it off. The plan is simple and allows freedom, which I think makes it successful. I am excited and am going to stick to it so I can get down to my goal weight or lower!!
Thanks for sharing!!

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