Weight watcher week 4 review: EPIC fail--gains

Jason and I blew it this week.  Blew it right out of the water!  I gained 4.3 lbs (more than I have lost--but my special circumstances from being a female also came into play here) and Jason gained 1.8 on top of the 3 lb gain last week.  The issue?
WE ATE OUT 4 out of 5 weeknights.
Monday: Jonny Carinos (girls night for me)
Tuesday: Red Lobster (out with pastor and wife)
Wednesday: ate chicken salad wraps at home
Thursday: Brazos River Steak House (just didnt want to cook)
Friday: take out Pizza (had company coming and didnt want to clean up)
Sat: Texas Roadhouse (with Robert and Carol)

Yeah, so we completely had a lapse in Judgement this week.  But we are not discouraged.  Back to counting points next week.  This Weight Watchers thing works--just got to stay motivated!!!!


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