Weight Watcher week one review

So this whole weight watchers thing ROCKS!  I wont divulge my points per week because you could extrapolate my monstrous weight from it, but I will say that it is completely generous and I wasn't hungry even once this week.  Now I realize that my values will change as my weight decreases--but so will my appetite.  This is the beauty of the program.  I used all my weekly points of most of my daily points each day.  I ate Mexican food at La fiesta (smarter decisions of course), had a margarita, ate dessert nearly every day, enjoyed 3 meals a day, as much coffee as I wanted and still managed to lose at least .4 lb and probably more.  I did make the mistake to guess my weight rather than actually weigh at the beginning of the week--if I base my new weight on what I weighed at the Doctors office this week then I lost 3.4 lbs.  Either way a loss is a loss and I can live with that.  The program proved itself to me.  I am excited to say that I am 100% motivated to stick with it. 

My husband also did great this week. Of course, as we ALL know, men lose faster than women, so he totally blew me out of the water this week--I find it encouraging not defeating.  Here is his account of this week:
"My first week of weight watchers--from a guy's standpoint.  I really enjoyed starting a structured program that seems to work.  Since I was soooo overweight, my daily points allowed were very high, which was nice.  My goal for the first week was to not use all those daily points, because I felt like if I did then I would still be eating too much.  Even though you can eat what you want n weight watchers, I still tried to make better choices than I normally do.  My results for week one was 4.4 lbs lost!!!!  And I was VERY excited and motivated for week two.  My goal for week two is to exercise more, and continue my strategy from week 1."
Great encouragement and testimony to the lifestyle this program fosters.  I think we have decided our dog Sadie needs to be on weight watchers--she is stealing all of our other dog, Peyton's, food!!!  And growling about it!

Silly Sadie
My favorite weight watcher finds this week: Smart ones cookie sundae dessert, Weight watcher dark chocolate dulce de leche ice cream bars...ummmmmmmmmmmmm


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