HEB Coupon trip 7/8/2011

As a couponer it is very important to remember that many things can throw a wrench into your trip.  I planned for hours this week for a coupon trip that I thought would be my new record--over $107.  Well that wasn't the case.  I saved quite a bit--a respectable $77.08 but did not reach the level that I expected.  There were several reasons.  Some items were not available in-store....Jason got a clerk who didn't understand the HEB coupon policy and refused to let him use some of the coupons (Jason was so exhausted he didn't fight the battle) and we failed to communicate the size of some items required for the coupon use.  My rule is always by the smallest item that the coupon will allow for the maximum savings--and I made the assumption that Jason could read my mind and know that as well.
So the moral of this story is clear communication, and understanding of coupon policy and the willingness to speak up if a clerk does not clearly understand (ie.  the clerk didn't allow coupon stacking which I have NEVER had an issue with at HEB before).
Savings break down:
Store brand savings: $7.46
Coupon savings: $69.62

Favorite deals: 
TONS of ww smart ones and WW desserts for $1 off 4 to $1 off six.  Yes these items are expensive BUT help immensely with lunches etc while on WW

$2 off head and shoulders and then buy one get one free head and shoulders...(did get to stack these coupons, the clerk wasn't allowing Jason to stack in store coupons with manufacturer coupons...grrrrr)

Happy couponing


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