Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weight Watchers Week 3 review--3.4 lbs lost

Week three was definitely challenging and a learning experience.  Jason was GONE this week to Dallas for training and I was here with the kiddos---CRAZY week!  I was wanted to emotional eat Sunday night because Jason was gone.  I made the decision to use my 49 weekly points in one day.  Not wise.  It definitely made the rest of the week more difficult and rigid, but doable.  I ate out Friday night when Jason returned home and had TWO margaritas--I earned them this week.  I also enjoyed pizza 3 times this week (in moderation of course) and I still managed to lose 1 lb.  This is a 3.4 lb total loss thus far.  I am pleased with that and I look forward to getting back into walking with Jason in the evening and having a more set meal plan with him back home.

Jason had a hard week too...

Week 3 was HORRIBLE. I was out of town all week on training so I ate out for every meal.  I tried to be as good as possible but I wasn't overly successful.  I ate things like pizza, bbq, sandwiches, beer, Mexican food and I wasn't able to exercise all week.  I gained 2.2 lbs this week.  My goal for week 4 is to get back on track!!!!
So far so good, nothing that can't be corrected.  We can do this thing!  Only 97 lbs left to go for me!

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