HEB coupon trip 7/24/2011--$70.73 saved

I actually got to go with  hubs to HEB this week.  Since he was out of town last week we didn't manage to go on our normal day, Friday.  So we chose to go after church on  Sunday.  This 2 weeks take was a pretty good one.  I got 2 Tylenol precise heating pad packs that retails for $6 each (for my arthritis), bird seed,  24 hr allergy meds for my girls, yoplait gogurt, pringles stacks, 5 smart ones meals (we are on weight watcher and while expensive these prepared meals are low points and yummy), 5 smart ones desserts, granola bars, chips, salsa, soda, toothpaste, tons of fresh fruit, lunchables, fruit rolls ups (3 boxes), yoplait yogurts, weight watcher brand yogurts, popcorn, 5 boxes of cereal, 2 gallons of milk, hair accessories for girls (bogo with instore coupon), and tons of other great items.
I have been asked recently if I save so much by spending allot.  The answer to that is yes and no.  We have a set monthly grocery budget (now when i say grocery--I mean all consumer good for the month, not just food) of $500.  I could spend less each month but I like having this level of food and snack quality.  My girls eat 3-5 snacks a day each, we eat 3 good meals a day as a family and I do not go without good lotions,  soaps and shampoos etc.  I cut my grocery bill from $640 a month to $500 a month simply by planning well and using coupons.  I am very pleased with that. 
Of course there are ALWAYS ways to cut back even more.  For instance if I wanted to decrease this weeks order I could have skipped the tylenol precise, gotten 1 box of gogurt and not 2, skipped the chips, dip and salsa deal, and prepared my lunches for the week rather than buying the prepackaged smart ones...but those are not things I want to change at the time being.
I purchased a total of $132 items and used 51 coupons.
My favorite deals from the week were:
Colgate on sale for 99 cents in store purchased 2 and used one 75 cent off and one 55 cent off coupon--I got 2 tubes of toothpaste for less than 75 cents
Tostinos chips, tostinos, salsa and Pepsi 2L: there was a coupon in the paper for $1 off this combo.  I used 2 of the deals and found a $1 off 2 tostinos chips coupon in store.  My husband loves salsa and chips so that was a good find for us.
They also had a great deal on lunchables: $1 each, buy 5 and get 6th free...YOU BET I got that!
Another nice surprise was a in store kiosk from AXE with baggies of free samples and 2 coupons.  Jason and I both got a baggie. You also got to enter a drawing for $3500 give away.  Nice surprise and 4 free coupons! YAY!  :0)
Trip Breakdown:
Items purchased:132
Coupons used: 51
Store brand savings:$7.18
Coupon/Free savings: $63.55
Total spent out of pocket after savings: $257

Not a bad transaction!
Keep up the great work ladies and happy couponing!


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