Small steps to faith...the Glory of God

I am trying. I am falling short, but I am still trying. To have faith that is.

This has been the worst and best month by far financially and spiritually for Jason and I.
Beginning of this month (or was it the end of last???) I paid bills and had $20. $20 and no food nor groceries nor diapers...TWENTY BUCKS!
The flesh in me began to freak! Then I realized, I HAVENT EVEN TITHED! So I wrote that check and Jason and I decided to just 'have faith'. MAN THAT IS HARD!

We felt it was only fair to meet God half way and guess what...OUR TITHE HAS BEEN RETURNED TO US TEN FOLD! I AM NOT EXAGGERATING!!!!!!!!!

We sold various items around the house, Jason went on a business trip and got mileage and food stipends, we had a MASSIVE garage sale and made close to $2000 total.
But this is the story that really moves me.

We decided that if we werent going to sell the house that we at least were going to truly downsize, get rid of things we even wanted but didnt truly need.
I sold my treadmill. I love my treadmill...but truth be told I hadnt used it in a WHILE and it acted up on me so it was more of a frustration than anything. I told Jason to sell it for $100--he decided $60 when he found out it had a glitch. We did just that and...
I got this letter in my mailbox yesterday. Now mind you, it wasnt had been hand delivered to my box...

My name is Tammy, I'm, the lady who bought the treadmill from you. You were asking $100 for it at first. I agreed to pay that, then you called and said it was stopping every 2 minutes. You said if I was still interested you would take $60. I still wanted to see it.
Well after i got it home, plugged it in and began to use it I realized nothing was wrong with it. It has NEVER stopped for me.
Anyway, What I am trying to say is...
I feel I need to give you the rest of your money. I agreed to $100 at first.
The Lord has been telling me "do the right thing." I try my best to listen to Him. He is ALWAYS right.
thanks again for the treadmill, I LOVE IT!
Tammy Raley

WOW! huh! That has God written all over it. Deny it?
Well what is even more amazing is that Jason remembered her saying she lived in Crawford...she drove all the way to my house and personally put that in my box with the money. Praise GOD!
His blessings never cease to amaze me!!!!!!


Kara Alexander said…
Wow, Rachel! What a month you guys have had. Praise God for keeping his promises to you that he wants only good things for us (Psalm 103). Aren't we glad he's in control? And it's great that you're giving the glory to God. May He continue to bless you as you live your life for him. You're an inspiration, friend!

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