Tuesday, October 21, 2008

mousy morning!

ok, so 2 nights ago at about midnight I fed raeleigh and needed something to drink after I laid her down. I headed to the kitchen, turned on the light and WHAM! There was a disgusting grey mouse on the counter. We fight mice continually but we didnt think we had any at the time...i made a really grossed out strange noise and Jason came running. I told him what I had seen and he cussed a little. The next night (last night) i sat glue traps out on the counter baited with cheese. I got up this morning and...nothing. MAN! I KNOW i had seen one.
Well we always keep bait underthe house cause like I said, this is a constant battle. This moring I am sitting at kitchen table working on comp and THERE IT IS! A MOUSE! Casually strolling across my kitchen floor in no particular hurry. I said a few obscenities and stoped towards it trying to scare it off....man, this thing was slow! It must have gotten into the bait under the hosue, it wasnt acting right...so get this...
I pick the glue trap up off the counter and dropped it on the thing. IT LET ME CATCH IT! Well at least it is gone. And I am certain it was the one i had seen. Lets hope there arent babies anywhere!

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Jason said...

Man now I feel bad because the poor little mouse in the picture looks so cute and innocent!! LOL