Meadowbrook Messenger

I am starting a neighborhood newsletter. A neighbor and I delivered more than half of them today. My feet hurt but it was fulfilling. I hope good things come of it!

The Meadowbrook Neighborhood association is back alive and kicking. We are in infancy as far as organization and planning. We can use all the help and ideas we can get.
This Newsletter will be published once monthly in order to increase communication and relationships between the residents of Brewster, Meadowbrook and Darden Streets.
In the past, these three streets have been referred to as the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association, and we plan to revive that title and the spirit of brotherly love and relationship in our community.
The content of this newsletter will vary each month but the staple topics will include but are not limited to news, prayer requests, upcoming events, neighborhood watch updates, and stay in touch information.
All Residents are Invited to the upcoming Neighborhood planning meeting at Meadowbrook Baptist Fellowship hall on Nov.11 at 7pm in order to help get things off the ground and rolling.
Hope to see you there!


Stolle Family said…
yay! 4 emails and 1 membership a week before the meeting! YAY GOD!

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