Remembering DeJa

When I was in 8th grade our family dog died...his name was collar. We loved collar soooo much and were ripped to pieces when he had to be put down. We are all dog lovers and a few weeks later decided it was time to move on. That is when dipity joined our family. Dipity is my namesake--"boobie" that is. Dipity lived for a good 14 years and had to be euthanized in her old age. My mom's heart was broken. That was her best friend. Everyone told her, get a dog, move on, it will get took her a while but she did just that and this is where precious little Deja comes into the picture. She was a huge blonde dog that thought she was a tiny lap dog. She loved everyone and shared hugs and kisses on a whim. She was so very beautiful , all 120 lbs of her. I heard my mom refer to her as the morning sunshine, she brightened everyones day. Her name was in memory of SerenDIPITY, she was DEJA voo.
We went to my parents this weekend and DeJa went to heaven. She got hit in front of my mom and reese. I was right there too but oulny 'heard' it. We all rode down to mailbox in the trailer on the lawnmower. Deja Followed so happily and jubilent, as was her nature. She detoured to the horse pasture where she went for a 'roll' and then into the pond for a quick rinse off. She was having such a good time and you could read it all over her. Mom opened the gate to get to the mailbox and told Deja to stay. Deja was so happy and excited that she didnt heed the warning. Off she galloped away across the small 2 lane highway. Mom and Reese hand in hand proceeded to the mail box, got the mail and headed back calling Deja. Just then a truck topped the hill hitting the max limit for the area at a whopping 55MPH. Mom sreamed and flagged and screamed and jumped the whole 10 seconds before impact--but the truck never slowed, stopped or even veered. Mom hit her knees screaming and rocking and holding little Reese. The driver didnt even stop and Deja was a 12o lb dog...i dont see how they even drove away. We screamed and screamed for jason and Dad to no immediate avail.
It was an emotional weekend for my parents. Reese just kept saying Deja car BOBO...where is deja...:(. I had to just send my mom and the kids back to the house and find Deja, she had been thrown 10 feet into a ditch and was spit open, her back was broke and everything was 'out'. She was still alive and moving her head but not crying or anything...I know she didnt even feel anything b/c of the back break. OH I prayed so hard that my dad wouldnt have to shoot her, that she would just go. Dad loved that dog too. But she was suffering.
The bad thing was that we were at the end of the pasture and the house sits at the back....we were screaming for the guys to come help. Dad heard and came running thinking mom had run over reese with the lawnmower....
I saw him running and thought OH GOD please dont let him have a heart attack...(his dad has had 5)I had to stay with DeJa while dad went back up to get his rifle. Mom came back down after giving Jason the kids and just laid on the ground next to her holding her and was rough. But Deja immediately relaxed and mom spoke soothingly to her telling her she was loved and good and beautiful, DeJa was waiting on her...I KNOW she was. I am going to have a hard time getting that image and moms screams out of my head. But all that matters is that DeJa knew she was loved...and you know what...She STILL is.

Here is the memorial mom set up for DeJa and to try to get information on the truck that hit could have sooo easily been mom and Reese. Whoever it was was so out of it that they MUST have been drunk or High, it was sooo totally senseless!

After it was all said and done, I was trying to calm mom down and be sure she had her head on her shoulders I had the realization that I had gotten very bloody holding and praying over precious little DeJA. And those of you who know your stuff will understand me when I say that I felt like I needed some:


just make it not so

They found the truck that we know hit her, it has grill and hood damage with duct tape holing the headlight on...

The man is an alcoholic and is constantly drinking and driving...

I guess this is when it stinks to live in a small town where EVERYONE knows you, your vehicle and where you live.


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