Medical Chaos

I get tired even thinking about it
I had a cyst--on the right side of my neck. Been there 2 years. Gross. Had to go.
Surgery April 23rd. Cyst removed. Threw back out SERIOUSLY bad 2 days before. COuld barely walk into doc office for procedure...but it needed to go.
Cyst cut out.
Was necrotic--meaning dead tissue. If not removed could have absessed.
Stitched out 1 week later
skin looked good
woke up 4 days later and scar was black like coal. Very black, very gross. Raeleigh had appt next day so i saw doc then. Doc scratched head. Stuck needle in said black spot and removed partially clotted blood (aka hematoma). Doc scratched head some more as 'black spot" went from black to pink and back to black in matter of seconds---blood continued to pool in area. Got home, washed lesion to rebandage and skin rolled off top of lesion. I almost puked and passed out. Held my cool. Bandaged lesion and back to doc next day.
More head scratching ensued along with head shaking and finally the diagnosis that ..."[I] am just weird". More antibiotics prescribed ---this is about 2 whole months on antibiotics now. hole in neck that resembles a rotting spider bite partially closed up with steri stips and doc runs full panel of blood work--CBC, smear, and platelet count (mom had ITP @ 16 and currently has unexplaned hematomas from fingers to elbow with bleedig at the slightest touch).
Waiting on results
Had new ultrasound on thyroid. Lump still there. Unchanged. Have appt with general surgeon to biopsy on the 21st. Mom had thyroid cancer at about 32 and I am 28---lets cut the stinkin thing out as far as I am concerened. It isnt working and it has a lump---I am weird---GET RID OF IT!
So far the immune suppressant (methotrexate) is working wonders for the fibromyalgia. I am active again. Havent built up to exercise but I can clean house and garden etc without crashing the next day.
Slipped disc in next still bothering me but a dose of skelaxin before bed and my corn bag seem to do the trick (thanks LJ).
Psoriasis is still wrekin havoc on my scalp. The pits in nails are worsening and now I see signs on both ankles and my elbows--i thought the methotrexate would help that but really hasnt yet.
Joint pain is better when I limit myself to 1 soda a day. I see a direct connection to the amout of atificial sweetener I intake and my arthritis pain.--But MAN i LOVE Dt DP!
Weight still bad. I keep gaining and losing the same 3 lbs. Working on it though...more of a mental battle than anything
I think I will call a sleep lab today to see about the apnea. I would sure love my own Cpap...they are AMAZING!


Anonymous said…
The thyroid cysts are often aspirated and treated with PEI, instead the surgery. The blunt injury to tissues during the surgery causes necrosis of these tissues later. Sorry you have an idiot instead of doctor.
Stolle Family said…
the thyroid cyst wasnt removed yet, it was a seperate cyst (non-related) on my neck. I go this thurs for evaluation on the thyroid cyst. Sorry if I miscommunicated that
Also cancer of the thyroid runs in the family along with multiple otehr odd unexplained issues so they will probably open me up--or that is really what I hope for.

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