Christian vs secular music

Ok--if you know me and/or have ridden in my vehicle or been in my kitchen for any length of time, you know that I listen to KLOVE Christian music on the radio and prefer Chrisitan cds while doing any kind of housework. Well today after a looooooooooooooooooooong day in Mart helping memaw I put the girls to bed and turned on the radio. My Christian station wont come in in my kitchen so I found myself on a pop/oldies station that I will not name.
I am agast as the stark differences between the messages that these 2 genres send.

-Christian music very clearly and truthfully places identity and faith in God. Jesus is the savior and all good things come from Him. The goal is worship and the hope is salvation of the lost.

-Secular music places identity in other (not God)--more specifically love interests. The savior is lover and sexiness. All good things come from sex--and even better than prematital sex seems to be premarital homosexual sex {aka: I kissed a girl}. The goal is anger, venting, promiscuity, (there is a song wholly dedicated to calling out other promiscuious individuals to meet up), desensitization, and breaking down of fundamental Christian morals.

I'll keep my KLOVE.


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