New Coupon record!!!!

Just got back from our twice monthly HEB trip and I managed to top my own coupon savings record!  WhooHOOOOO!  Here goes the break down!
Store brand savings: $9.99
On Sale Savings:  $7.72

TOTAL:  $107.36

What a rush that was! Before savings the total was staggering...$384.55.  We definitely did not have that type of money to spend.  We are usually pleased with a total bill of $300 or less for a 2 week period.  That is $150 a week for all of our consumer goods.  We don't 'shop'.  We get what we need on our grocery trip and no other shopping in between.  So that averages $150 per week for a family of four.  With the economy like it is, I am not pleased with that but it is a reality.
Well today we paid $297 for nearly $400 worth of items.  We doubled up on body washes and shampoos with great coupon and sale deals so we wont need them the next 2 trips.  There were also quite a few great surprises with unadvertised combo locos on items I was already planning to buy. For instance I had a coupon for $1 off lunchables with fruit and no drink.  There was a combo loco for corn nut chips free when you bought those I got lunchables for like 89cents each plus a free snack that I seperated out into snack sized ziplock bags and made like 6 servings out of for snacks for the girls.  There was also a great Revlon deal for $3 off and a wonderful bargain on HEB brand muffin bars.  We got more than we needed for this 2 week grocery period, enough for a memorial day BBQ, a 12 pk beer, pull ups, 2 weeks of meals, and food to take to a friends house...JUST TONS OF STUFF!  I am so very excited.  The people in line were in awe.  MAN THAT FELT GOOD!  Keep clipping girls, over time it gets easier and easier to save!


tricia said…
What a great job Rachel!!! You are my inspiration....

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