Brazos River Multi-congregation Baptismal Service

What a day this was.  Beautiful scenery, great friends, wonderful music, tasty food, heart-warming baptisms and a God that never fails.   A total of ten people were either baptised for the first time or rededicated their lives to Christ.
A beautiful friend of mine who has been a Christian for years just never baptised chose to join me on this memorable day.  You know the type of friend I mean...I have only VERY casually known her and her family for less that 2 years.  Just in the last month did we set aside the time to get our families together and get to know each other more.  There are some people God gifts into your life that you just IMMEDIATELY feel love for and a connection with.  We truly do have brothers and sisters in Christ.  Amber is for sure my sister.  I love her and her family dearly--immediately.  I was blessed to have them with me on this special day.
In addition to sharing this experience with a dear friend I also got to have one of the most moving experiences of my life.   I got to see my husband submit to the Holy Spirit and obey what God was commanding him to do.  Jason was excited about the services--I was getting re baptized.  He had felt the tug to rededicate his life as well but he didn't act on it.  We had talked about it.  After the fact, he even admitted to me that on the way to work that very day he had actually cried because he felt the Spirit leading him but he just did not want to obey. 

I was the last of the nine ladies to be baptized by Bro. Jeff.  Jason had driven the shuttle down from the elementary school since there was not allot of parking at the ladies' house where the baptisms were being performed.  He had no change of clothes, no towel and NO intentions of getting in that river!!!
If you know me, you know that I am unbelievably (even comically) clumsy.  There was a steep bank to climb to get out of the river, it was muddy, my shoes were wet and I was drenched.  Jason raced over to offer his hand to me and give me a kiss.  He wanted me to know that he was proud of me.  He went to reach out his hand....and in that very moment he chose to obey that tug he had felt for more than a week. 
Jason handed me his keys, phone and wallet and said "I am going in".  Bro. Jeff had opened up the baptisms to anyone who felt moved to participate...and Jason was!!!!  It was a beautiful sight to see pastor and man embrace in an emotional hug.  When Jason turned around to the crowd it melted my heart to see a tear on his cheek.  At this moment I was so very honored to have him as my husband.  He loves hi family, provides for our needs, protects us and most importantly LOVES THE LORD!!!! 
What a beautiful sight for our two young girls to witness....the humility of their earthly father to jump in the river an be baptised in front of 100 or more people and be so emotionally moved--not something most men would allow themselves to do.  He even managed to shuttle people back up to the school after the dinner--wet clothes and all!!!! What a great day!
Praise the Lord for salvation!!!!


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