Suprise Lent Blessing

Each year my husband and I try to observe Lent by giving up various things. This year I decided to give up diet soda, tv before 5 pm and sweets. Jason gave up tv all-to-gether! And he didn't cheat one single time. I am so very proud of him!
I however cannot say the same for myself. I did really well with the soda and sweets. I did cheat a few times--but hey, I am human and I think God knows that. The tv thing...baaaaaa! That lasted all of a week for me. At 3-4pm every day that screen just called my name. Not making excuses but as a stay-at-home om there is something about a good tv show on an especially kid stressful day that does my nerves some good.
Well in the midst of all of the temptations and struggles with our Lenten decisions God did something miraculous.
I have been on sleeping pills I was pregnant with my second child--Raeleigh. So I guess it has been over 3 years now. I suffer from fibromyalgia, psoratic arthritis and PTSD. Each of these conditions affect my sleep in one way or another. The sleeping pills truly did help. But I am on so many different meds with my conditions as they are that I had been wanting to not be so reliant on the sleeping pills. I have tried before but the anxiety from not taking the meds overwhelmed me.
Well I felt led about halfway through this Lenten season to give it a second go.
Miraculous I can say that I am and have been off sleeping pills for about 3 weeks now. It was not in me. The Lord blessed me with the cessation of a dependency.
Thank you God!


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