Coupon Magic

Decided to not only make the list and compile the coupons for my hubs this week but to also go to the store along with him. Usually he goes directly after work, without us. It seems easier for one of us to go than both of us with 2 kids in tow. We bravely trod where many-a-parent is required to go and drug the 2 girls out with us this evening.
Our family shops once every two weeks with a detailed list to minimize impulse buys and unnecessary purchases. We have been averaging around $320 a trip for all the groceries, personals, cleaners and household items we need each two weeks. THIS WAS NOT OK WITH ME! INSANITY! I realize that prices have gone up across the board but just last year we were averaging $200 per 2 week trip. A $120 increased seemed NUTS!
So, I have decided to break back out the coupon divaness and dust off the ole coupon binder. I have worked hard these last 2 weeks finding coupons, organizing my book and planning our meals. It seemed to help.
I love to go to HEB for all of the combo locos and meal deals. I combine these in soter sale items with my coupons to maximize my savings.
We got our groceries, enough food to feed 5 friends dinner one night this week, diapers for a baby shower gift and tons of extra snacks and made it out of the store spending only $262.25. Granted, that is still ALOT of money but it is much better than $320!
I saved $45.40 with coupons
$9.42 on sale items
$8.24 with some generic purchases
This brought my total savings tonight up to $63.06!
It feels good to save the family some moolah!
Happy couponing fellow divas!


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