Sam Bracken's "My Orange Duffel Bag"

I received Sam's book,"My Orange Duffel Bag", at the Book's Alive conference in Jefferson, Texas. I had the honor of meeting both Sam Bracken and Echo Garrett. I was so excited to get home and read my book after all the wonderful testimony Sam shared at Books Alive.
I finished the book tonight, and I plan on immediately passing it along to my husband and the ladies I work with.
"My Orange Duffel Bag" is a great motivational and uplifting book. It is the only book I have ever experienced in such a creative and realistic format. I love the notebook feel to the book, it is very true to its message simply by its design.
I love how the book not only shares bits of Sam's life, but also shares inspirational quotes and biblical principals and verses. His seven steps to Radical Change are indeed life-changing.
I can relate to some of Sam's pain, sadness but more specifically--I can relate to Sam's choice to change. Change in spite of your past. Change in spite of your situation. Change in spite of those who do no want you to change. This is a great book for anyone who wants to be inspired. This is a great book for anyone who wants to pull out of a dark place. This is a great book to start your journey of forgiveness, love--Be that one to change!

Read about, learn from, and instill some of Sam's ideas into your life and you too may find balance in your whole person.
A MUST Read! Go check it out. Great Christmas Gift!

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