I must remember this time...

My 4 year old daughter is enamored with REPTILES---specifically IGUANAS! It started simply enough a few months ago. It was summer here in Central Texas and Reese was a self-proclaimed lizard hunter. This child loves Bear Grylls and Billy the Exterminator--she is fearless. She began to imagine that these run-of-the-mill texas lizards were indeed iguanas and komoto dragons.
She comes by her love of, and interest in, nature honestly--from me. I may be a girly girl but I love my biology, critters, and bugs!
Well lizard catching led to the purchase of a few lizard inspired toys and clothing---specifically iguanas. She has a stuffed iguana, "rodeo" dragon (komoto dragon), and ignana tee-shirt. These are some of her most cherished posessions.
For some reason the writers of the children's cartoon "Olivia" decided that a main character in their storylines would also have a pet iguana.
The pleas began.
She wants santa to bring her one for Christmas....
hmmmm, these things get HUGE! Santa might consider a lizard but not an iguana. No level of explaining the fact that an iguana may tear santa's bag, or poop in the reindeers food, or fight with our dogs, or scare Raeleigh have minimalized her desire.
For halloween this year she chose to go as...a DINOSAUR. Her favorite color dinosaur at that--green with yellow spikes.
Now, what happened next there are no words for....
We went to trunk or treat at RCC and guess what someone brought dressed as a witch...
go ahead...
I mean, come on, it was a trunk or treat in a church parking lot...what would you bring?
AN IGUANA! And BIG one at that!
Reese immediatley asked if she could hold it--fearless yet again.
Oh the pleas are now incessant. He was a very nice and well mannered iguana, but not all are the same. And did I mention that HE WAS HUGE!?!?
She is stating her argument for this iguana time and time again on a daily basis and has reassured me that she will train the iguana to not hurt sadie (her favorite of our three dogs). She also assures me that she has learned from cartoons how to clean up after her iguana, clean his cage, feed him and bathe him--ALL FROM CARTOONS!?!?!?! Really? I think she may have quoted "Little Bear" and "Franklin".

Oh dear, help me. I am certain that no LIVE iguanas will Santa deliver this year---anyone know of any good robotic models?


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