Highlights from Books ALive 2010 in Jefferson Texas

Sam Bracken and Echo Garrett were AMAZING! You must read "My Orange Duffle Bag" and check out the Oragne duffle bag foundation at http://www.orangeduffelbagfoundation.org/

Met Larry Linum from the 1980 Dangerfield Church massacre. Check out www.thedaytheangelscried.com. Raw, honest story of loss, anger and divine healing!

Other authors of note:
Kathy Louise Patrick of "The Pulpwood Queens' Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life"

2010 Texas Poet Laureate Karla K. Morton

Judy Christie of "Goodness Gracious Green" and "Hurry Less Worry Less" series

Missy Buchanan of "Living With Purpose in a Worn Out Body: Spiritual Encouragement for Older Adults" and "Talking with God in Old Age: Meditations and Psalms"

Carla Stewart of "Chasing Lilacs"

Mary Beth Whalen of "The Mailbox"

And Lisa Wingate who ALSO lives in WACO! HA!
NY Times best selling author of "Beyond Summer!" and who's latest book is based on the Gospel Cafe--a food ministry right here in Waco near good 'ole Baylor!
Such a small crazy world!
Great time!
Plan to attend next year! Amazing stories and great inspirations!


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