...may meet God today.
Last night Truman was placed on life support after a clot in his leg moved to his lungs. 2pm today may bring to the end months and months of pain, suffering, and misery for all involved. Or it may not. No one knows.
Truman was unwaivering in his decision to not be kept on life support, and I cant say that I blame him. After fighting a hear aneurism, a kidney infection, discovery of advanced cancer, gsastrointestional ailments, incontenance an IV wound infection, blood clot in his leg, chemo, falling, another name it and the poor man has experienced it in about a 5 mo period--I wouldnt want to hang around for that either.
My prayer for him and all the family is Peace. Rest. Faith. and Memory--memory of who Truman was. Memory of the things Truman loved. Memory of the love we have for him and...that God's love surpasses all.
Whether it be today, tomorrow or next month, I pray that Truman is renewed upon his passing, and meets his savior amidst the greastest angelic 'Welcome Home' party he could have ever imagined.


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