My Christmas Angel

Today was an especially difficult day with the girls. Usually both were crying or whining at the same time. Reese thinks she needs a bandaid for everything. Raeleigh is teething. I am tired. And Jason is worn thin. Not an easy combination.
We HAD to go to walmart today to exchange a gift. We had bought Truman candy, but he isnt really eating well--so we returned to candy for flannel pjs. After finishing up in the store with these two kids, Jason went to check out and I went to the front of the store with the buggy bearing both Reese and Raeleigh. I stood behind the buggy unwhittingly looking even more ragged than I felt but managing to play with Raeleigh and make her laugh, while soothing Reese into beleiving that I had indeed just given her an imaginary band-aid.
An elderly man walked through the doors next to me and for a brief moment our eyes met and I felt something. I felt something I even now I cannt fully expain other than to say it was the Holy Spirit pulling the two of us together. He walked past me and paused right about where they keep the floral arrangements. He stood back to me for a moment shifting his weight.
I thought maybe he was waiting on someone or forgot what he came for....but I felt him. Even before he turned back around towards me I KNEW he was coming to speak to me.
He beganwalking towards me and I thought to myself...this is nuts! How did I know he was going to come to me. NOt only did I know he was going to come to speak to me but I also KNEW that he had to give me something. I didnt know what but I knew all at the same time.
He got over to me and said
"Ma'am, I just had to come talk to you. I saw this baby here (motioning to Raeleigh) and it got me to thinking that that is what this is all about."
He told me how he saw Raeleigh and it made him think of the little baby jesus and how precious that was.
Then he looked me square in the eyes and said..."You are a Christian arent you."
Yes, sir I said
"He said, I knew can see it all over your face."
I told him that was the best compliment he could give me.
He said
"YOu have seen a few rough days havent you"
I Chuckled and said, "Just a few"
He said, Well I want to give you somehting to make your holiday a little brighter. He handed me a hand made pocket cross. I had seen these before and Jason actually already carries one. It is a cross you keep in your pocket to remind you about your faith and that God is always with you.
He commensed to telling me that no matter what I need to remember that I am not alone and that even in the worst of time I have a friend.
At this point I am just in love with this man and I say, "I am gonna hug your neck"
and I did!
I love hugs and I love to give them and I gave onew to this man in the middle of walmart not even knowing his name.
He moved me.
We both felt the spirit and He LISTENED!
Hearing is the easy part I guess, acting is what makes you feel crazy.
BUt we both had a gift for each other...
He reminded me that there ARE good people out there, that there ARE people that listen and act when the spirit speaks and he gave me the best compliment of my life...he affired in me that the life choices I am making and the closeness i share with God is somehow visible in me...that makes me feel more beautiful than any cosmetics or clothing or jewelry.
And I have him love. He needed it. I hugged his neck and I could feel him melt. He teared up when Jason came over and he told Jason that I had made his day.

I think may have made my Christmas!
May an Angel find you.

PS. I did ask him his name before we parted ways it was either DH or JH Kendrick. May God bless his soul.


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