FINALLY! The day came. I went to the endocrinologist this morning.
There is still a 1 cm lump. The strange thing is tht the original ultrasound found it inferior an d today she found it superior. Hmmm. But it is the same size and it is actually tender to the touch.
She was kinda baffled by me. I have decreased uptake all over my thyroid but my blood tests came back normal--on the high end of normal, meaning I am fine.
My GP put me in 25mcg of synthroid a month ago when i found out it would take me sooooo long to get into endocin specialist. The Doc today didnt change that and even hinted about stopping it.
I am a new woman now that I am on it!
But she did stress something today that I knew but hadnt been considering--postpartum thyroiditis can last for up to 1 year after birth and could be my problem. Raeleigh is only 5 mo so I could still have another 7 mo of ups and downs.
I go back in 2 months so we will see...

For now...T3, T4 out ;)


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