Being taken great care of...

Today was my first PT appointment post-op.  It went well, gnarly, but well.  As expected, bending my knee was the most difficult part.  My therapist said that I had regained more whole body movement (rolling to each side and even laying on my stomach) than she had expected.  However, my hamstring has begun to atrophy as well as the other major muscles in my thigh.  She used several electrical devices to stimulate my muscles and help me to make them contract.  Needless to say I was VERY sore and swollen when all was said and done. 
I had planned to go get Reese from school today.  I have been released to drive and can with great difficulty get in and out of the car wearing my immobilizer but I can only drive if I don't have pain pills in my system.  The first thing I wanted to do when I got home from PT was take a pain pill!!!...and I was utterly exhausted.  My father-in-law agreed to pick Reese up for me today.  I must admit that this was a great relief. 
I have been very anxious about this week.  It was set to be my first week without help and caring for the girls.  I would need to take care of Rae at home Mon, Wed and Fri, then take Rae to school  and pick her up on Tues and Thurs plus pick Reese up all week.  This seemed allot to handle being that my PT suggested I not be up and on my feet for more than 10-15 minutes at a time--plus the fact that I still hurt and am on TWO crutches.  If I were on one crutch at least I would have ONE hand free to tend to kids and make and carry lunches etc.  I was obviously concerned and anxious.
This is where my hubby saved the day once again.  He has taken such amazing care of me throughout this whole ordeal and he didn't fail me now.  Jason arranged to go into work late on Tues and Thurs so that he can take Rae to school.  Then he arranged for his dad to pick them both up from school all week!!!!
This diminishes my anxiety greatly and gives me another week to heal.  All I have to do now is care for Rae at home on Wed and Fri this week (and Fri I will only have her half a day since I have another PT appointment and my mom-in-law is watching her for me then).
I think I can definitely handle THAT!
Thank you Jason and family for taking such good care of me!!


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