ACL/knee reconstruction recovery day 6

So things are looking up.  The pain is getting more manageable.  It does seem to get worse at night and when it rains, but I have had great help getting around and staying ccomfortable.  I have managed to bathe twice in these 6 days.  HUGE accomplishment.  Jason helped me the first time and my mom helped me today for the second time.  I forgot how nice it is to not have to smell your own BO!!
This Polar ice chest is awesome.  I am getting to the point that it really helps with the pain, not just the insane amounts of swelling.  The immobilizer is getting a bit uncomfortable being that I can only lay in one position--on my back.  The back of the immobilizer is chaffing the back of my upper thigh.  I have armed myself with a back-scratcher and larger amounts of lotion to try to solve the issue.
I have an appointment on Friday with my surgeon, Dr Ellis, and then one on Monday with my PT.  I am ready to know more about my recovery and what I can and shouldn't do.  These last 6 days in bed have felt like an eternity.  I have tried to cut back on my portions because of the complete lack of activity but none-the-less I just intuitively know that my backside is GROWING!  That's ok.  When this is all said and done with, I want to run.  I look forward to having a knee strong enough to allow me to do so.
My church family from The Church at Tree Lake my friends and my family have all been very supportive.  We have had meals now for 2 weeks and they are still scheduling for next week.  Visitors have stopped by to bring me coffee, do a bit of housework or just say hey and it has made a huge difference on my morale.
Shout out to:
Nikki Lindorfer
Angie Hall
Katie Lemay
Judy Powers
Leora Howell
Lizzy Ober
Donna Pruit
Doris Strahl
Ray Butley
The Dresners
Stephani Howell
Janette Ryno
and Tammy Wyers
I love you all and appreciate you beyond words--it's not just the codeine talking ;0)


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