Interview on december 20, 2010 with Dreamcatchers for Abused Children

DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN is an official non-profit 501(c)3 child abuse & neglect organization. Our mission is to educate the public on child abuse symptoms, intervention, prevention, statistics, reporting, and helping victims locate the proper resources necessary to achieve a full recovery. Please visit our official website at:

Original Air Date: December 20, 2010

Interview with Author Rachel Stolle, ""Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou?"

Join Hosts Laurie Ann Smith and Elizabeth Brawley and our very special guest Rachel Stolle, Author of the "Aunt Lou" children's books series. We will be discussing her book "Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou?" and various topics relating to child abuse, and child sexual abuse. Please see Rachel's website at

here is the link to listen to the hour-long interview:
I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjyed participating!
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