Boobie Blunders

Well I went and did it again. Those of you who keep up with the blog know that sometime back in September/august I completely dislocated my left knee for the fourth time and reset it myself on the floor of my master bedroom with four screaming children in the house. Luckily enough Jason was home early and all was well. Then two weeks ago in the complete chaos of all that was and is our move--I fell. I fell HARD and spent 5 hours in the Er thinking that I may actually have had a break. All was well, just a major sprain. I jumped into a walking boot and didn't miss a beat.
Well today, with great intentions, I went out to help Jason install the poles to finish out the 1/2 existing chain link fence around the parsonage....well, I am sure you can guess what happened.
I thank God that I had the clarity of mind to put on my air brace before I went outside. It did some damage but it would have been no much worse if I had not been wearing the brace. No new sprain! Just a bit of new swelling and a twinge of pain with the application of pressure....definitely doable.
Here is my question. WHEN WILL I STOP FALLING?
I fell going down stairs when I was 5 m pregnant with Raeleigh --ended up in boot
I fell and dislocated my knee --for the 4th total time (I had surgery at a preteen for multiple dislocations)
and Now the sprain plus additional trauma.
I feel like I should be in a Boobie Bubble!--and Jason would agree!
All I can do is be strong, be hopeful and find a way to get the left side of my body much, much stronger!

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