So, its on its way. I think I am going to observe it this year for my second time. Last year I gave up Tv while 5 mo pregnant and in a boot because I sprained my ankle THE NIGHT I made the commitment.--That was rough....but I did it and I was better off for it.
This year I tackle my true demon. Sweets, dessert, chocolate, pastries, pie, cake, ice cream....you name the sweet and I WILL NO EAT IT for 40 non-Sundays.
Phew, I am stressed just writing about it.
Sweets are really a crutch for me. If I am stressed, I eat sweets. If I am tired, I eat sweets. If I want to celebrate, I eat sweets. If I want to unwind, I eat sweets. And then sometimes I just eat them because I am bored.
Needless to say--this is not good.

If Jesus can survive 40 days in the desert, tempted by Satan himself--and not give in--surely I can give up this one teeny tiny little bitty thing.

I am blogging this so that you, my close friends and blog followers, can hold me accountable. I tend to be my own worst enmy when it comes to this stronghold in my life.
Someone take the pie away from the sugaraholic!
Draw near to me God. This really will be a journey.


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