A few of my favorite things...

This weekend was wonderful. My husband and oldest daughter woke me at 9am sat (very late for a mom of a 3 yr old and 8 mo old) to breakfast in bed including a toy rose compliments of the play room, my favorite cup o joe and a wonderful home-made breakfast.
[HE IS FINALLY GETTING IT--sometimes the best gifts are the ones that cost absolutely nothing]
Then Jason took me to lowes and got me plants and dirt and fertilizer and edging...if you know me, you know how totally exciting this was....
So this got me thinkning. In the midst of having babies, staying home with said babies, and raising babies all while keeping house and cooking it is VERY VERY easy to forget what brings ME joy. I thought about that alot this weekend and have decided to catalogue a few of my favorite things...

1. I love being outside. This is definately my #1 because all the other things that I enjoy so very very much usually revolving around being outdoors or enjoying outdoors or thinking about the outdoors, or caring for things that live outdoors. I really think that this is so very important to tme because I see God everytime I go out. I mean COMEON! Who else could have created, imagined and made all those fabulous intricatries and make then work... and all together at the same time. G-O-D!

2. I love to care for wild birds. I love to watch them, feed them and house them. I build and collect bird houses and feeders as a hobby. Yesterday I discovered a red-headed woodpecker in my front yard, and a feeder ocerflowing with cardinals and my day was made from there on out.

3. I love to care for plants. I love how the dirt feels in my hands. I love my roses and feeding them til they bloom. I love using plants to make my home and yard more beautiful and relaxing. I especially love plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

4. I love to lay in my hammock and look up into the 2 huge trees in my backyard and watch the squirrelles and birds go about their business for the day....so very beautiful.

5. I love introducing my girls to these beautiful things. Reese loves laying in the hammock with me and I tell her, "lay still and maybe a bird will come close to us". She likes the birds too, but the whole stay still thing is a bit beyond her yet.

6. I love all weather (except violent thinderstorm, they require me to take a xanax). I think a cloudy day is just as pretty (in its own way) as a clear day. I love the rain just as I do the shine.

7. I love order. This usually creates tension in my life beacause I love the outdoors so very dearly that I would stay there all the time if I could, but the fact that I love order makes a dirty house very stressful for me so.....be outside where I am happy and content and let me house go to utter chaos or....find balance between enjoying and cleaning....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It stinks to be a grown-up sometimes.

8. If I had enough time and sheets I would change mine every night. There is nothing more enjoyable than clean sheets...especially right after you have shaved your legs...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

9. I love big fluffy bath towels. Now no pewny little towel either like...like...a BATH SHEET!

10. Dark Chocolate, green tea and a good sparkling white wine or champagne

11. I adore a good magarita

12. I like to create things from nothing. I love to take a pile of trash wood and turn it into a novelty bird house. Or I love to take an everyday household item and turn it into a one of a kind gift or favor (baby booties, baby wreaths etc...)

13. I find joy in my girls and husband and being able to provide for their needs. This has kinda fallen to the way-side since I got so very sick with pnemonia a few weeks ago but I was getting up with Jason and making everyone breakfast and I would pack his lunch for the day and that (yeah I know I am nuts) would please me. Pleasing them pleases me. :)

Although is is by far not an all-inclusive list of my favorite things--these are some of my favs that have been on my mond as of late.
Gotta love life--and Thank God for your favorites every day.


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