MoDRN HS research project Day 4

So I will start today by reiterating how much of a blubbering goof I am. To begin with, I broke the salad tongs at lunch, apparently I do not know my own strength.  Then after halfway filling my soup bowl I dropped my entire bowl upside down back into the soup serving true colors are showing!  Then to top it all off--today I rocked a new Hawaiian style maxi dress that my husband picked up for me yesterday.  I did a double take in the mirror this morning and briefly thought the cut was kinda weird so I threw a cardigan over it and went about my day.  It was only after spending a full day with normal, legitimate, intellectual people that I realized I had gone ALL DAY with my fabulous new dress ON BACKWARDS!  Needless to say I AM RIDICULOUS!

Now, on with the science!

So today we began with a lecture over poster presentation and then had about 2 hours to begin working on data input using EXCEL and generating our platform presentations.
After my lunch shenanigans, we came back together in the lab for the last time to do our 48 hour data collections over the survival/morbidity rates of our Daphnia in their treatment solutions and the salt control.
After we were done in the lab, one of the PhD students held a lecture over how to use the TRAP program to calculate our Lc 50 values. These data points allow us to interpret toxicity of the 2 compounds.  We calculated Lc calculations for both substance A and substance B at 24 and 48 hours.
Our team worked through excel to generate 3 data tables that we will use in our final platform presentation AND then there was the great reveal of the 2 products we tested. 

I wont share that yet.  If you are curious you should come to BSB A436 tomorrow at 1 for the presentations.
Tonight my team split up some of the power point sections to work on as homework so that we can use our 3 hours before presentations tomorrow to clean it up, add photos and practice.  Excited with our results and excited to share what we found!
Title of presentation: Comparative Acute Toxicity of Green vs. Non-green Insect Repellents
Toxicity of consumer insect repellents to Daphnia magna over 24 and 48 hours

Compare green and non-green insect repellent toxicity levels


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